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Download the NAB 2014 ASG Products Presentation (.ppt)

ASG Products User Guides (.pdf Files)
  • DHA-2 Dual-Headset Adapter
  • AOB-2 Audio/Intercom Interface
  • AOB-2v5 Audio/Intercom Interface (2011 Manual)
  • IMB-111 Intercom Splitter (2011 Manual)
  • Eagle Announcer System
  • Falcon Sportscaster Console FAQ
  • DUS-1526 RTS TW Source Assign Panel
  • SAP-912 RTS TW Source Assign Panel
  • IFB-428 Eight Channel Power Inserter
  • MAS-502 System Supply/Master Module
  • MAS-511 Transmit Power Amplifier
  • MAS-514 Receive Pre-Amplifier (Updated Manual, 2020)
  • MAS-516 Receive Signal Splitter
  • MAS-517 Transmit Signal Splitter
  • MAS-518 2x1 Transmitter Combiner
  • MAS-518-VHF 2x1 Transmitter Combiner (2015)
  • MAS-520 Receive Cascade Master
  • MAS-522 4x1 Receive Antenna Combiner
  • MAS-524 4x1 High Power TX Combiner
  • MAS-524 MK-II 4x1 High Power TX Combiner
  • MAS-538 Transmit Amplifier Quick Start Guide
  • MAS-101 Receive Antenna Combiner/Splitter
  • MAS-242 Transmitter Splitter
  • MAS-138 RF Signal Switcher
  • Recent AdditionMAS PA-1 MK-II High Power Transmit Amplifier (preliminary manual)
  • SPK-300/ASG Dual Listen Modification
  • Ri-1000 Radio Interface
  • AIS-200 Vega ISO-MOD for the QX-6 Intercom System
  • AIS-800 HME ISO-MOD for the RW-800 Intercom System
  • EM-16 Signaling Interface
  • LPS-2 Single Channel Intercom Local Power Supply
  • RFTB System, TBD-101, TRC-101
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