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Product Introduction and Highlights

Ri-1000 Manual(pdf)

The Ri-1000 interface is a stand-alone device specifically designed as a signal and control bridge between professional voice communication systems and 2-way radio equipment. Since the Ri-1000 is independent of the radio it can be used with existing radio equipment and adapt to a multitude of systems.

SAP-912 Manual (pdf)

The SAP-912 Source Assign Panel provides a convenient method, using industry standard XLR-3 connectors, to route up to 12 RTS- TW Intercom User Stations to up to nine, wet or dry RTS TW Intercom channels.
Manual (pdf)
Falcon FAQ
In-Field user review from Creative Planet
The Falcon On-Air Sportscaster Console is an ultra-compact high-performance solution for live, on-air sports commentary applications. Featuring dual talk-back outputs, a noise-free, passive broadcast microphone path and high-performance, low distortion, ear amplifiers, the Falcon sets a new standard in performance/size capability.

AOB-2 Audio/Intercom Interface

The AOB-2 Audio Interface Adapter provides a convenient and consistent method of interfacing un-balanced, powered intercom circuits with standard balanced audio equipment and unshielded, twisted –pair wiring.

IMB-111 Intercom Splitter

The IMB-111 TW intercom splitter allows either a Clear-Com or RTS type intercom connection to be split to eleven additional outputs. Also, there is a light-emitting diode power indicator which confirms connectivity to the intercom power supplies.

SPK-300/ASG Modification

The SPK-300/AS TW Speaker Station allows for the convenient monitoring of two RTS channels and selectable talking to one or the other. Built as a modification to the Telex SPK-300, the –AS version updates the original design to include LED indicators, separated channel volume controls, GPI/O triggering and improved reliability.

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