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Telecast TR6442i initial Review

Posted on february 14, 2013 by Andrew McHaddad

I received a pair of TR6442i units late yesterday   I say late to emphasis that I still arrived home in time for dinner as these units are ridiculously simple to use.  No menus, no PC to setup, just some clearly identified toggle switches to set the proper modes. There are a few gotcha’s that were explained to me prior to the setup of the units which did save me time.  One point to note is that the single ST fiber, and the need for bi-directional information, requires a matching set, a “-15? and a “-13? in the model number for the light wave-length to cross-over properly. The other point  is to really pay attention to the wiring of the RJ-45 connector on the rear-panel.  They are exactly as they say.  On a previous blog post, I spoke of the 568B v s. USOC and how the mingling of the two can wreck havoc on an otherwise fine day.  USOC is an RJ11/12 convention from years back.  RJ45 and 568B are also a common standard in data networks.  The Telex ADAM System (specifically the Zeus-III) mixes the two by wiring RJ45 connectors with the USOC pin-out.  If you don’t know this, the 6442 may appear to need “special’ cables, possibly inferring that Telecast made a design error.  They are not special as much as they are specific.  I have accommodated the RJ45/USOC issue with cables in my rental inventory so this was easy…just place the correct adapter on the ADAM XCP-32-DB9 and an RJ12 cable at the KP32 end and it worked without any issues. As I mentioned to the factory guys at NAB, the plan of inserting an RJ11 into an RJ45 connector is not terribly cool…while it will mostly work, it is not “what was intended” so be careful to get the RJ12 centered. I have not yet tried it as a 2-wire interface in the field, but when I demo’ed it at NBA in 2012 it worked very well.

This is a preliminary report…more to follow.