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Plsystem.com was first published on the world-wide-web in late 1996, shortly after the www became available. I, Andrew McHaddad needed some way of having critical and accurate engineering information available to me without lugging manuals and paper notes around to all the shows I worked on.

Not that I worked on hundreds of shows a year as many do, but I was on staff at TNN:The Nashville Network in the Remote Department at the time and I found that it was therapeutic to design the site and it helped me to study all the manuals needed to make the Pin-Outs page a true resource.

Not one to be content with the easy way, I wrote a simple html editor in Visual Basic-2 and did all my designs in html natively. In all fairness, the design of the site in its early form was far simpler than it is now. Which is not saying a lot. But I did use some of the wonderful html training books which were written to help me attain my goals.

In 1999 I left TNN to get off the road and took a position with Bexel Corporation and as things progressed, it turned into ASG, Audio Specialties. Since about 2001, I have been heavily involved in the design and manufacture of the "ASG Products" line of equipment which ASG sells and has available for rent. Many of the manuals for these products are posted on the site to help me and the customers whom I support have immediate access. While ASG/Bexel maintains their own site with some manuals, the most up-to-date information in kept on plsystem.com for which I have more immediate access.
In late 2013, I re-designed the web-site to give it a fresh look on the home page.